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August 8, 2011
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I saw her again today...
she was crying...
a look of fear on her face...
the flames reflected in her eyes...

A Turian stood in the doorway of an earth based home. red light splashed over his body, a fire raging uncontrollably within the building. He screamed out in horror as the building collapsed from within...

he was unable to move, as an explosion shot debris out at him...

"NOOO!!!", Tari shot up from bed as if it were on fire. Soon realizing that he had been in fact, dreaming, he laid back down on his bed. The turian reached over to his bed and popped a memory suppressant into his mouth. He held his only hand against his head and sighed deeply. "I can't keep going on like this, the fourth time this week." Tari was used to restlessness, having experienced enough traumatic events in his life to break a lesser mind. As strong willed and determined as he was, he admitted that he had reached his limits.

Tari was an adult Turian, about 30 years of age. He had a toned body structure with average turian proportions. All across his body he was decorated with various scars of different shapes and sizes. He was missing his left arm, although he replaced it with an advanced synthetic arm, he refused to accept it as a true replacement. Tari was stubborn like that, but he always accepted the truth when it was proven to him.

The turian removed the cloth garment that covered up his left arm socket, exposing the intricate wiring and nerve receptors inside. "well, no use trying to sleep now, not after that..." He slowly rose from bed and activated his omni-tool. With a wave towards the wall beside his bed, a compartment revealed itself. Tari reached inside and pulled out his synthetic arm. He winced in pain as he connected the arm into the socket, nerves reconnecting with synthetic nerves.

Once he'd dressed himself, Tari exited out into the living room. Sitting on the couch was a male sergal named Henry Kage. The sergal was white furred with bluish black running down his back starting at the top of his nose. "Morning Tari, what's got you up this early?" Henry asked when he heard Tari enter the room. Henry and Tari had been close friends since they first met, which was a few years ago. Tari sat down next to henry, "the usual, I had that damned dream again." Henry looked down a bit, "Again? man, maybe you should see the doctor again...I mean, this is the third time-", "fourth time this week...yeah I know Henry. I don't need you to worry about me ok?"...

Tari couldn't get the dream out of his mind, it was starting to become the only thing he could focus on hurtful as it was.

He begged for a way to be rid of these memories...always to no avail.

end of part 1
OK! I was originally going to post Tari's story first, but hey, at least I'm still posting it right?

sorry to confuse you or mix up stories, but to prevent any spoilers, I'm going to have to be careful with what I submit.

perhaps a beta reader could be used?

either way, here's the start to Tari's life, using a little flashback presentation. Then going back to his past.

hope it came out ok ^^

Henry the sergal belongs to my dear friend :iconhellkiller777:

just to clear it up, Tari has a synthetic arm. He removes it from the shoulder socket when he goes to sleep at night, using a cloth cover to keep dust and lint out. HOWEVER, he doesn't obtain this synthetic arm until much later on in his life, as in he doesn't have it in the flashbacks, unless I include it in the writing.

sorry for the crappy ending, my dad forced me to shut down my laptop before I was finished writing. I'm lucky to have gotten what I have as it is. what a damn grouch...
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Heh, I really like this so far. Makes me feel bad for Tari.. I hope he'll be alright.. Good job on this one. Can'twait to see the next one
Corrupted36 Aug 9, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
don't wanna spoil anything, but he's never really been "ok" since the first traumatic event.

we'll be getting to that soon enough
Ah.. I see. Alright.

Corrupted36 Aug 9, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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