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August 3, 2011
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A lone male Turian sat on a rolling chair next to a table. On the Table was the body of a disabled Geth. The Turian had scarring across his face and neck, his left arm being synthetic. He wore a subtle grin on his face, looking intently at the Geth. "you aren't too badly damaged, my mechanical were you disabled so easily?", the turian said to himself more than to anyone else in particular. They were in a medium sized room filled with all sorts of engineering and scientific equipment, with a large examination table at the center. The Turian wheeled himself around the geth further examining it's unique body. After a few minutes passed, a Krogan male entered the room. He looked like a hybrid between a purebred krogan and an anthro western dragon. "ah, hello Kriege. I was expecting Saneera...", the Turian said upon noticing the Krogan. Kriege smiled and patted the Turian on the shoulder, "oh don't worry, she'll get here soon enough. I know how badly you wanna show off your new trophy." Tari chuckled a bit, "I told you, I need a hacker for my team, one that can merge with computer systems and-", he was cut off as a Quarian female entered the room excitedly. She interrupted their conversation with several inquiries about the geth and where Tari found it. They exchanged information and soon after, the Quarian began disecting the geth with such gentle precision as though she were handling priceless glass ornaments.

Hours passed, the Geth now lay in pieces on the table, it's main body frame hollowed out and resting at the center of the table. "So tell me Saneera, can you reprogram him?", Tari asked impatiently. Saneera replied with a scolding tone of voice, "of course I can Arterius! Keela, would it kill you to learn some patience?" Tari Glared angrily at Saneera, "you know how I feel about that Saneera...", ignoring him, the Quarian continued her work on the Geth. With expert precision and efficiency, Saneera put the Geth back together and rewired it's central processors. "there, that should erase it's memories and permanently remove it's contact with the Geth collective. I just want to remind you how stupid and dangerous this-", "don't tell me what I already know Saneera, I need a hacker and this geth suits my needs perfectly...". Saneera facepalmed her visor, "agh...fine, whatever, just be careful ok Tari? even though I hacked it's memories, it's still capable of linking back with the Geth if it finds a geth terminal." The Turian nodded, "don't worry San', we'll be careful." Saneera reluctantly left the room, leaving Kriege and tari with the Geth. "alrighty then, time to reactivate you...", Tari waved his omni-tool over the Geth and instantly the light on it's head flickered to life.

The Geth slowly raised itself on the table, sitting upright. It looked around curiously, having had it's memories wiped about events leading up to now. "Geth, you will answer to the name GEAR, do you understand?", Tari announced to the Geth. In response, the geth raised an eyeplate and said, "we...understand?" Tari began attatching bits of armor to GEAR's body. "well you have fun with your Geth there Tari, I'm off to get something to eat", Kriege stated as he left the room. Tari finished applying the new armor to GEAR and sat back to examine his handiwork, "Perfect..."

The Geth just sat and stared at it's new "master"...


Data stream interrupted...
error 36

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Data repaired and saved...


end of data entry 2
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aaand here's the second part. More of a "story" this time.

I'll be featuring both the "data streams" that Gear logs and processes AND the actual "story" sections.
with more Story than data segments of course ^^

after all this IS a fan fiction >w>


all characters originate from their respective owners

y'know turians and geth & stuff from bioware...
thank them for making those awesome species' ^^
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Heh, this is getting exciting! ^^
Corrupted36 Aug 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is there gonna be a part 3? :3
Corrupted36 Aug 4, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
of course.
there's so much more to come.
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